Implementing a Modern Managed Travel Program

Egencia helps companies around the world implement and roll-out modern managed travel programs to save valuable time and money. We are committed to helping our clients build and maintain the best possible programs in the industry.

Setting Up For Success

Proactive training and education practices are key to achieving immediate and widespread adoption of new travel programmes with Egencia. Egencia Account Managers and a dedicated implementation team can prepare and train a client’s travel arrangers and educate their travellers to ensure a successful launch. Egencia boasts 82% average online adoption and 90% average policy compliance.

Business Travel Savings Equation

Egencia clients lower business travel costs immediately by reducing the number and cost of agent-assisted bookings and giving travellers access to Egencia’s extensive inventory of travel options.  New efficiencies and real-time travel data (insights into travel-spending changes, rogue travellers and possibilities for negotiated rate agreements) from Egencia help to drive additional savings for our clients, year after year. A typical Egencia client will see 10-15% overall cost savings* after programme implementation.

 *Source:  2012 Benchmark analysis of 50 Egencia customers (travel spend and fee savings)

We are committed to helping our clients build and maintain the best possible programmes in the industry.

An Example Egencia Implementation Process

Introduction to Egencia Implementation Manager and Account Manager. Discussion around Travel Policy, Reporting, Profile Data, Negotiated Air/Hotel contracts.

Client collates and confirms data/content from Kick-Off for all countries affected; sends to Egencia.

Egencia configures site with policy and loads profiles. Weekly customer calls begin for discussing any outstanding action items.

Egencia and Travel Manager reviews site configuration and booking process.

Travel Manager emails all travellers to communicate changes and books training session dates and times

Onside or Live Meeting training sessions conducted with follow up by email to provide supporting documentation

Make sure online site processes are a go.


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