The Modern Way to Book Business Travel

Egencia brings modern technology to the travel business. We make it easier and more efficient than ever for business travellers and travel arrangers to plan, book and complete the next trip. From planning the trip and ensuring compliance, to hotel check-in, our intuitive technology solutions are accessible across devices—from smartphones, to tablets, to laptop computers. Wherever business travellers go, Egencia is there.

Booking a Trip is Easy

With Egencia, booking a business trip is easy and efficient. Our online travel booking platform is based on industry-leading technology from Expedia, our parent company and the world’s travel leader. Egencia clients benefit as Expedia has incorporated feedback from millions of consumers to develop travel solutions that makes booking travel intuitive. Finding flights, hotels and rental cars has never been easier. Book, and move onto other business.

Exclusive Rates

Egencia offers our clients access to the world’s largest online travel hotel database given our relationship with Expedia and directly with hotel partners. We provide clients with money-saving alternatives, special promotions and exclusive rates. Egencia empowers business travellers to make the right choice that is in policy by combining our inventory and content with customer-negotiated rates into one integrated tool.

Mobile Access

Egencia’s mobile application provides up-to-date information, destination alerts, interactive maps, and click-to-call access to Egencia customer service.

Egencia brings modern technology to the travel business.

How Business Travels

Egencia's single, integrate technology platform delivers a better experience to the modern business traveller.  Tap into the collective wisdom of millions of busines travellers with TripAdvisor ratings for hotel bookings.

Real-Time Support

Egencia is with our clients through every stage of the business trip. Travellers may book their own trips or turn to our knowledgeable travel consultants who use the same platform as travellers making them familiar with clients’ travel policies and negotiated rates. 

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